Midweek Reflection

Happily I am feeling much better than I did yesterday and Monday.  I have fought the battle lost it and won the war for now.  Depending on how fast I get it again from someone else.  Almost everyone has gotten this mess.  As I said I wasn't the only in the family who got it.  When my brother told me he was still working while being sick I decided I would come in today.  I just don't want to be Paria to my coworkers.

We were having a great discussion on ettiquette in the  office.  Foods that were acceptable in the office and I was told that in some places you could be fired for not doing as required.  I found a great Huffington Post article on the most offisive smells that we eat.  So I have it close by to refer to when in doubt.  Then I found this article about office protocol and food. 

Tonight my groceries will arrive and I will be sort of ready for tomorrow night's meeting appetizer wise.  The other part is the minutes.  i have to finish those sometime tonight.  My intentions is stay up as late as possible to get them done and to make sure the house is in good shape.  I also need to work on letters as well.