Monday Musings

Another week has started and I am not sure what to expect.  I have a couple of meetings this week both in the confines of the office and out of the office.  We have a staff meeting about the mail delivery tomorrow and I always get anxious.  I have been doing what is required since the last meeting but there may be some new things.  The end of the week will be the health coach, Debra and the DTC.

The weather today is supposed to be nice but come mid week some snow is flying in.  The rest of the week is rain.  Sometimes the rain brings weird feelings and situations.  I guess it depends on how one faces it and allows it to control our lives.

One of the kitties had a hair ball (or something) right by the TV in the living room overnight.  I cleaned it up because I really didn't want to make Livia do it.  They are back downstairs again.  Of course Sky wants to go into the cellar but I don't want him to  right now.  Not sure what TIger is up to.  They slept well until 4 am on the bed this morning.  I was in some pretzel shape for sleeping.  I didn't mind it much.  I am going to have to get more food soon.

I share the link to Rainbow bridge with Liz last night as we were talking about it last night when I stopped by to see her.  She had never heard of it before so I looked it up for her.

Time to get ready for work.


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