Monday Musings

Today is Presidents Day.  Most schools and Federal offices are closed (yippee) and banks and I am thinking the banks are closed as well as the PO.  Which means not a lot of mail to do today at work.  I think my main focus will be the refund checks to mail out tomorrow.

I received a lovely invitation to my friend Debbie and Stan’s wedding during the night.  It will be in April on a Sunday afternoon.  The invitation included instructions for attending a Synagogue.  I am looking at the dress I plan on wearing that depend.  Depending on the weather of course.  I don’t expect to have sub freezing temperatures like this month.  I sent an email to Mama Roberta

Speaking of the weather according to the weather site its 7 degrees F outside.  We are supposed to get some messy weather this afternoon.  It is supposed to get warmer in the next day or two but not by much.

gy67uuuuuuuuu <——Tiger saying hello!  She loves this laptop for some reason…

Got to get ready for work