Monday Musings

Its snowing again.  It started just as I was driving into New Haven this morning.  I had warned my Leads and Supervisors that I will be leaving the minute it gets bad.  I don't want the repeat of Friday morning.  At one point I was considering the best route to get home all realizing that it could get change at anytime.  Around quarter of three after working on the EOBS and opening the mail and refund checks I left for home.  Many had decided to stay home and many like myself left early when we heard the roads were getting bad.

There was a bus crash late this afternoon it is about 30 minutes Northeast of here.  It was a casino bus trip from Queens NY.  They were all treated at the local areas of Middlesex Hospital and YNHH.  Thankfully no one died but it created quite a mess.  It looks like it was cleared.

Went to get my bloodwork done and they didn't have my requisition from Dr. S.  So I wasted about 10 minutes for nothing.  While I was there I called them but they were not opened but called them later and they hadn't gotten my message.  So they said they would contact the doc and call me back and by 11:30 they had gotten the req sent.  Now I can do it tomorrow (that was the original time I put in for PTO).

I was able to schedule the Beth-El shelter dinner for the club today.  it took some time but we will be doing it on March 30th at 6:00 pm.  I was under the impression it would be for the residents only but according to the woman I spoke with it will also include outside community.  I told the woman it would be like it was last year.  I had to make sure there were no new policies since our last visit.  No 13 year olds or younger can operate the ovens.  They can serve but that's it.  I sen T an email with all that info and she still wanted to know if there were any more procedures.  Everything was the same from last year.

I had an early dinner of lamb chops and mixed vegetables.  As usual I ate all four of them little critters.  That would explain the extra weight on me...It was good I also had some ice cream and watched the NCIS Monday Marathon and the additions to Heroes and Icons schedule (Hercules and Xena).  It was really cool to see these shows from 20  plus years ago.

I decided I would sleep up here tonight as it would be cold once I turned the heat down and it was somewhat cold even with the heat up.  I have decided to put extra blankets on and be comfortable.