Not a bad day

I left here around 1:30.  my plans to see Liz changed after I had called the house and found out she wasn't feeling well so I decided to go there another day maybe in a few days.  I made it to Bingo early and had a few minutes to talk to Natalie.  I had told her about the changes i made and she said she had complaints about it.  So we went back to whom ever calls bingo gets it.  I was expecting a real chastizing but it worked out.  We didn't have as many people but I am hoping it had to do with the fact it was Valentine's Day.  The girls didn't come (not really surprised but I let Telka know).  I left there after 3 and headed to Panera bread for soup and sandwich.  Well I got half of it.  I didn't like the soup choices.

I could feel my head pounding and was anxious to get home so the decision for no soup was a no brainer.  I got home took some tylenol and started to eat.  Sky came down for a while.  He wanted to go into the cellar but I didn't want him too.  Tiger came down a short time too then they both went up and I finished my dinner and I started falling asleep on the couch again.

I set up my bed and computer to start reading the letters and working on a few things.  I have done some laundry and set the dishwasher going and have been watching TV and stuff like that.  I am trying hard to do some work but the sleepy time tea is kicking in and I am not really feeling well.

My niece Diane and her husband became foster parents to a tabby named merman..


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