Yesterday I thought I left my ID at home. I come to find out this morning I had it all day I just didn't look in my sneakers in the bag I had with me.  I attached it to my pocketbook until I got to work this morning and when I leave for the day its going back into my pocketbook until Monday morning.  Yesterday I had to depend on my co-workers to for their ID and or to let me in to the office.

I also misplaced my password list that I carry around with me "just incase".  I thought perhaps I left it at the office and it either got taken or I mixed in with someones daily work.  Neither of those two scenarios happened.  I found them last night on the night stand by my bed.   I am sure people are asking why I would bring them with me or why don't you put them on your phone etc.  I may not alway have access to my phone. 

Despite my work day disasters work itself went well but I could feel myself feeling crummy by the hour.  Anything that could ache did and my throat was starting hurt as well.  I cancelled my session with Debra but we had short phone session last night.  We talked about the past week and the challenges posed. 

On the way home I dropped the car off to be serviced for today.  I was given a ride home and from that point on I was inside.  I did some odds and ends and then got into my pajamas and curled up under the covers.  The kitties eventually followed after they annoyed me for some stupid and inane reason.  Lots of things seem to be annoying this week.  Why?

Tonight will be grocery shopping and then bed.  Actually if I don't have to go out this weekend I am not.   It is supposed to be bitterly cold and I froze my ass off while waiting for the bus this morning.