Saturday Doings

Every time I have an very busy weekend I usually like to have the following weekend or part of the weekend to relax and catchup.  Today is that day.  I don't have to be anywhere if I don't need to and its pretty cold out to boot so I want to stay in with the kitties.  I have some laundry to do and some cooking but nothing that needs to be done outside.

I am sad to find out a dear friend of mine has a very sick kitty.  Jack has cancer and they don't know how long he has.  I met Jack a long time ago when I visited his Mom for our first "Andromeda" fan weekend.  At least i think that is the one.  I have followed Mardi ever since then and loved hearing about her babes.  I want her to know that we here in the  KP home are thinking of you and sending prayers.

You all remember when I wrote earlier this week that I yelled at the cats for something they did?  Well this article couldn't have come at a better time.  So since I found it on FB originally and looked into and saw some things I have found myself doing I am trying extremely hard not to do or trying to do more for them.   They still don't like getting their coats brushed.  Sky keeps trying to bite the brush and Tiger tries and walks away.  I am always checking the water bowls especially after hearing that refreshed water can cause the bug they had in early January.  I always kiss their head and body.  I speak in a calm voice all the time and work from there.  Tiger is at the foot of the bed and I am about to check on Sky.  I think he is in the box mattress again.

Got an email from DR. T today.  She had submitted an article to the GFWC International magazine Club Woman and it was posted this month.  It included our two out going girls club presidents A and J and all though I can see the entire article through the email (its probably a blurb type under the "news from around the states" section.  This is great to let the world know about what we do its always fun to read about the club.  We have been mentioned a few times over the years since we began the club.

This past week was a week to get Alumni news and reminders.  Earlier this week The Alumni Newsletter flyer arrived from Linden Hall this week.  It is a fairly different one from the ones in the past.  It had some class notes not as much as in the past (it depends on who sends stuff in. I guess).  It featured the 2015 weekend activities and staff notes as well.  I follow a couple of my classmates from LH on FB and wondered if they got it too and if they are going to this years activities.  Every year this an Alumnae Weekend and some of the classes are having their annual reunions and others get together and stuff.  I don't know if we had a 30th class reunion yet but I am sure they went to the Alumna Weekend anyway.

Endicott College is constantly having alumni gatherings all over the country and they are sponsoring a big trip to Ireland sometime this year.  On their Facebook page they recently had pictures of the snow they got this past week and how it looked on the campus.  I actually can't remember what it looked like.  i don't remember if it snowed much the year I went.

Next week is the 4th District meeting and it will be here.  I have to make sure the house stays fairly clean and neat and start looking for things to have as appetizers.  Of course finish the minutes as well.