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This weekend went by quickly

Friday was very busy work wise and my plans to attend the City Hall celebration changed.  I wasn't feeling all that well and my sister had prior comittments.  So I stayed home and eventually went to bed fairly early.

Saturday was a fairly lazy day I didn't do very much except for some laundry, did some cooking, and got ready for the sleep study.  I was surprised how I could still see some light in the sky (it could have probably be result of the full moon last night). 

The tech was really nice guy and got me all settled in by 9 and I was in bed by 9:30.  I had gotten up twice for the bathroom and he came in to check a couple of things.  I know I was awake a couple of times but managed to get back to sleep a very short time later.  I think I won't have a problem with the CPAT.  The cats will get used to it I have been assured.  I was woken up by 5:30 and was heading back home by 6.  The stuff the tech had to use to keep the sensors on my head made my hair really disgusting.  I didn't do anything with it until much later in the day though.  When I came home I fed the cats, cleaned their box and went back to bed for a few hours.

I really didn't do much of anything today either until I got ready for Bingo.  I showered, did some laundry and then left for Bingo. 

I got to bingo a little after 1:30 and chatted with Claudia and talked about things that happen since we last saw each other.  I did find out that JoAnne that has been there less than a year is leaving to take care of her parents.  I am happy to report that one of the girls Ania came to bingo today.  Of course I couldn't think of her name and made her introduce herself.  I am pleased at least one of them came.  She explained why she didn't come last week.  She was sick.

After bingo I made a quick stop to see Liz.  It had been awhile since we actually saw each other but she had to get ready for Church by 3:30 because she had to leave by quarter after 4.  She fixed my crucifix for me and it is great.  We caught up on family stuff and talked about the sleep study. 

All weekend I had been trying to contact Jim.  I had gotten a few text messages from him and Liz while at the sleep study which made me feel good.  I got a message late this afternoon letting me know he was still fighting the cold he had last week.  I am glad I got text messages from him but I would really like to TALK to him and hear his voice.  Its been actually weeks since we actually spoke.  I get a little nervous about that.

My friend Mardi lost her fur baby Jack yesterday at noon.  He had been terminally ill and after having what she described as bad morning she went to answer the phone he passed away.  My heart broke for her and her family as he was very special to her.  It made me want to grab my babes and suffocate them with love. Of course I think they are upstairs waiting for me.  Like they were this morning at the window when I arrived home from the sleep study.

This weekend I had words with the owner of one of the pen pal groups I have been moderator for over the last several years.  She was objecting to a couple of words that I used in blog entries I shared with the group.  She posted in messages that were sent to the group instead of contacting me privately.  I have no problem that she didn't like the words in her inbox however I object to being harassed. I asked to be removed as moderator and member because of the harassment.

I let one of my pen pals know the situation and she clearly didn't want to get in the middle of it but it wasn't my intention to gang up on the owner.  I just wanted to let her know what was going on.

This week looks like it will be busy for me again.  I have a staff meeting on Tuesday about the mail distribution.  It will be a follow up to the one we had several weeks ago and probably more updates.  I have been making it a point to keep Janet apprised of any changes.  I don't know if we have any union related stuff going on this week or not.

After work I have my meetings with Courtney and Debra and of course the DTC.  I have a little bit more to work on the minutes for that night but I am just to tired right now.

Next weekend looks fairly quiet.  I have bingo and that's about it.  I may finally get off my duff and do some long over due cooking.  I know I have a lot of letters to write.

Right now though I need to straighten the kitchen a bit. 

Livia will be coming to clean the house tomorrow.


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