It is almost 6:30 and I should be getting ready for work soon.  I am really glad its Friday as I have mentioned its been a busy but good week here.

The kitties are running around and about to remind me that it is time for me to get ready for work.  They were pretty good that they actually went to bed when I did last night and stayed until about 3.  I Know this because I did my early morning bathroom run.  When it got closer to 5 Sky made sure I was awake.  They have been fed and I let them downstairs in the cellar for a short time.  They seem content.  I will pick up their food tonight after work.

Liz must have thought I lost it when I sent her a link yesterday about the surgeon who did the lung biopsy last August. She was wondering why I was looking for him.  I knew he had left the University here and was curious to where he ended up.  He moved to a health system in Montana.  I even told my Manager about it.  She asked me why he left.  Again I told her.  Later I begin to second guess myself about saying things.

I am trying to put together a grocery list for tomorrow and so far its small.  I still have stuff that is frozen that needs to be used before I get more of the same stuff.  I won't be getting too much this week.  At least I hope not.

Did I mention I saw Debra yesterday?  WE got caught up since we didn't meet last week nor did we have a phone session (she had gotten sick)