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Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my family warts and all.
I am thankful for my friends.
I am thankful for my neighbors
I am thankful for my job and co-workers who are my extended family
I am thankful for the Medical profession who are taking care of my health.
I am thankful for the organizations I am a part of that keep me busy.
I am thankful for the weather
I am thankful my brother in law continues to recover from a very long and painful summer.
I am thankful for my home
I am thankful for the kitties
My sister has been very helpful to me since (and even before) Mom died.  She took care of Mom's estate and paid the bills for that while I took care of the monthly bills.  She recently helped me with reigning in my budget which she has strenuously reiterated that it was as whacked out or irresponsible as most people get.  We have things realigned as I call them. Her family has been wonderful to me.   I see the rest of her family when i visit them at holidays or even if they come to see her or my brother in …

Fly By Posts

Last couple of days very busy at work as expected I had lots of mail waiting for me.  I managed to catch up by the time I left today.  Some hints as to the move but not set in stone.  I had my customer service training.  It wasn't what I was expecting.  However, the things they would like us to do I already do on a daily basis anyway.  The university was invited to move to Florida by its Governor after learning that the city and state are planning on taxing them .  This has been a goal of the rank and file.  Now for a brief second  today I thought about what would happen if Yale did (but it has been reasoned they won't) what would happen to our jobs would the hospital get their wish and break the union?  What would happen to those who have jobs here?  It will be interesting to see what happens.

Lawn Guy came yesterday and worked on the yard.  Will submit estimates of what he plans on doing to the yard including getting the pepple/stones up (make sure patio that doesn't quit…

Monday Musings

After a beautiful weekend of sunshine and cool temperatures we finally got the rain this morning.  It seemed very heavy this morning but not so much now.  At first I wasn’t sure how long but it looks like it will be raining for most of the day.

Yesterday was great.  I got to Liz’s just before we were to meet and she had a gift for me.  It was a ceramic rabbit that looked like the wild rabbits I find in my yard and that provided Mom with hours of entertainment before she died.  Unfortunately as I was taking it to the car it fell on the floor breaking its ears.  Now in every way Mom is watching over me (Mom very deaf when she died).

We were sort of late for the dinner but they were eating appetizers like cheese and crackers and shrimp and antipasto and other things such as that.  The main meal was a variety of pork and ham, pasta, sausage and rice and beans. Potatoes au gratin and salad and some really great desserts.

There were only two things that I didn’t enjoy and that was being tol…

Road Block

Well I knew it.  I knew i would run into some sort of problem.  First none of the online tax sites are worth it. Their reviews were less than stellar and you still had to download programs and pay for something.  So I started to down load the H&R Block program and go to pay for it and their server isn't working.  Whoohoo. So I went on to the next mini project.

I finally downloaded the 400 plus pictures from my phone to the PC.  I had the wizard help and it didn't take long.  Now all that I have to do is organize them and might have to delete a few.  Of course the pictures on the phone need to be deleted and this part takes time.  I do a few at time.

Liz was impressed when I told her about the picture adventure.  She of course tells me she had more pictures on her phone than I did.  I guess my phone can hold only so much.  I did ask her what she was wearing tomorrow but she didn't tell me-yet.  Oh my sister and Nelson are now famous.  In an edition of Connecticut Magazine…


I have a few challenges I need to handle.  Everyone does this one and its the taxes.  Every year I procrastinate (because I don’t want to do it or I think its going to be a hassle for one reason or another).  This time I am going to use the H&R Block free stuff instead of the box that comes every year that you have to pay for eventually.  As soon as I finish here I am going to go and do it.
I have been up since 5:30 thanks to the furball society of one.  I feel pretty good considering I had been on the machine until about 4 this morning.  I had some issue with the mask but I just had to reposition my head (that’s usually what has to happen).

The sun is just getting up itself.  There are clouds and according to the weather page its 37 degrees out.  I have turned the heat up but when it gets warmer I am turning it down and opening the windows again.

As I mention in the Pen Pal Blog there has been some issues with the Pen pal groups on Facebook.  Some of the admins are issuing statem…

Some sad Moments today

I called Mama Roberta today to check in with her as I hadn't heard from her via text or phone calls and that's because everything is moving very fast.  When Dr. T had written about the Dinner and she even said the date it didn't register with me.  I figured it was just a deadline.  Well as I was talking with Roberta about everything she was doing I asked her if that was the actual day she was moving and she confirmed it.  I was in the grocery store aisle and began to cry.  I cried some more when I called Liz to tell her.

When I got home I found out that my friend Mardi lost her Father this morning.  She sounds heartbroken.  She didn't have a good feeling about it yesterday when she posted she was heading home.

The afternoon I made lunch, and some calls regarding the lawn.  I have been some what  successful.  The scrambled eggs were already but the eggs themselves were questionable.  I am still standing and breathing so it must not have been that bad.

Bob the lawn guy w…

Lots of movies and shows

There are at least a billion movies and shows on tonight and none of them are holding my interest tonight.  If I wanted to I could see the movies and shows in the higher cable numbers that I wouldn't normally see.  Some of them are movies I haven't seen in years.  Some Thursdays are like that for me when my really favorite shows are not on.  Actually even when they are I don't always want to see them.  So I will surf the net, chase the kitties from whatever they are climbing on, and listen to the music that's playing on the radio (Classical).

It looks like I will be able to close out the WB checking account on Monday and transferring what's left to the Credit Union.  Don't to be too excited its not much.  The one check I was waiting on was cashed this weekend. 

So I am happy to report things are all set with the budget and I am now waiting on  the new check order that will be coming in about two weeks.  I am feeling pretty confident that things are going to be…

Thankful Thursday

\I am thankful for my family warts and all.
I am thankful for my friends.
I am thankful for my neighbors
I am thankful for my job and co-workers who are my extended family
I am thankful for the Medical profession who are taking care of my health.
I am thankful for the organizations I am a part of that keep me busy.
I am thankful for the weather
I am thankful my tire repair didn't cost more than it did.
I am thankful for my kitties.
   Today is the first day of my long weekend and I had a fairly busy morning.  I got up early fed the cats and then got ready for running errands including getting the tire fixed, and doing budgetary stuff with Liz.

I left here around 8 and ran to the Credit union to 1)get some info on the account for the check ordering and 2) make sure I wasn't going crazy about the deposits (the direct deposit started this week) and to take money out for the week.

The next stop was to the Tire place and some how I managed to get there on time.  Route 1 in this area of the s…

Done for the week

Well I can say with confidence I got a lot off my desk and delivered before I left for my very long weekend.  I don't have to worry about anything until Tuesday morning 8 pm.  Whoohoo.  I am also not the only one.  siduri* also took a long weekend and it feels like we are mirroring each other. ;)  it is really funny.  Well I find it amusing.

I got home at a decent hour and the kitties were waiting for me at the window where I left them this morning.  Sigh love it.  They ambled around while I relaxed and watched NCIS for a while and then I noticed they were playing with a big ol carpenter ant.  They eventually disapeared to the four corners of the house (the bed basically).  They did go into the cellar at one point and when I called they came up at different times but I was very impressed they listened. Now they are cuddled up at the foot of the bed leaning on each other.

I am so excited and happy to find out that hawk_soaring has decided to get a new furbaby and her name now is Pen…

One Day

According to my little countdown I have just over a day until my long weekend starts.  I am really looking forward to this weekend.  The week has been good so far but I can do some stuff long put off before the holiday starts.

Work is going well.  The whole mail thing is getting resolved and there is light starting to shine on it. It was a little slow yesterday but manage to help out with the refund check mailing.   Many people are getting sick, have been sick and finally getting over their bouts with whatever is going on.  I just hope I don't get it or it will be horrible.

I had forgotten I volunteered for the DTC New Member Outreach program and I received a list from JohnM with  a list of calls and suggestion of when to best call.  So Last night from 7 to about 8 I made these phone calls.  I had to leave messages for a few and spoke to a number of people two or three were students returning to school  after the Easter break.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and fig…

Monday Musings

Happy Snowing Spring Day!  Not alot of accumulation and it should be melted by the end of the day.  I think we got about 5 to 6 inches.  It started probably sometime around 10.  I noticed it wasn't really sticking to the streets at first and it was already melting by the morning.  It is supposed to get into the 40's around here but not much higher than that.  It has been reported that it will be in the 60's by the end of the week.  That's great since I have a long weekend coming up.

Didn't make it to bingo yesterday.  I had a flat tire.  I called the garage I usually do business with and only the gas monkey was there.  He was willing to call the owner but I didn't want to that.   I finally called my insurance company roadside assistance (Safe Co) and by 2:30 a "provider" came and changed the tire for me.  I had already called the nursing home and told them I was having a problem.  All the while I had several people stop to help or ask to help and inclu…

Happy First Day of Spring

It is the first day of spring and the sun was shining but now is getting overcast .  It looks like snow may be coming in this evening. This will allow me to go and do the bingo and back before it starts.  I am not sure what it will be like in the morning.  If it is safe obviously will be going to work.

The St Patrick's Dinner last night was great.  My Niece Cheryl and her husband joined us and obviously it was corned beef and cabbage and really huge vegetables I suspect were grown by MiracleGrow.  They had cake for dessert.  There were raffles and music and dancing by the Mulkin Dance troup.  My neighbors daughters are usually with them but they were working.  We were home by 8.

I got my pedometer for the walking challenge as well. I have been wearing it already and I had almost 800 plus steps yesterday from 4 pm on.  As of right now 582 steps.  I am not sure if I am supposed to record them or not yet but I will for my own purpose in my health blog.

I had gotten a video message from …

Saturday Doings

It is a beautiful sunny  day and it will be like that just for today as there is a storm coming in by tomorrow afternoon into Monday morning.  The snow amounts all depend on where you live (as usual) but if it is a really messy either Sunday or Monday I won’t be going anywhere.
I need to do some errands before noon and in the afternoon get ready for the St Patrick’s Dinner at church tonight.  I am going with my sister and brother in law.  It should be fun and I am going to wear  a nice dress.  I was going to wear one particular dress and it looks it won’t be appropriate for now.  The dress I am probably going to be wearing is the same one I wore in October for the christening of my great niece Madison.

I finished the minutes from last night’s 4th District and there were a lot of people there.  People I didn’t expect and those who I was expecting didn’t come.  We have a project to do and many may not appreciate this but we are trying to get those who are newly registered Democrats to c…
What better way to end St Patrick's day then this:

Mid Week Reflection

It has been quite busy here at the Casa De Kate's between work, and family and personal obligations.  It promises to continue to do so.
This past weekend I spent time with family (more of the budget revision with my sister and more to come on that.  WE had dinner Friday night and it was great as usual.  I even got to catch up with my niece.  I saw my sister and brother in law on Sunday as well.  Our overdue Coffee and on Sundays.  We will be meeting up with each other today in between my errands and going to work  (no I didn't change jobs) at the Credit Union as she is not clear on a couple of things and she wants to hear it for herself.

It was also a bitter sweet weekend as I met with my fellow Mexican Train game teams for what could be the last time.  One couple is preparing for a wedding and eventual move to Miami Florida, and of course Mama and Papa R are moving to NC by May.  They are currently in NC bringing more stuff for their house.  Mama R had promised there would be…

A Good Night to curl up

It was still raining when I left work last night and it so when I got home I got some tea and watched TV and then cooked a steak and broccoli florets ate that for dinner.  I folded some clothes and took the garbage out.
I was trying to do some work on the PC (printing) and in the middle of it the computer rebooted.  I was waiting a long time to print one intro letter out and I don’t think it ever did.  IF the cats don’t object I am going to check it before getting ready for work.
The rest of the night I curled up with the laptop and surfed the net and did a puzzle or two and watched TV until I fell asleep.
I think I fell asleep sometime during the news and I didn’t wake up again until 1 after some really frightening dreams.  The house was being invaded and I was trying to contact my sister and to call 911 and to protect the cats.  I the feeling I had this dream once before and perhaps in the same night.  I eventually went back to sleep again for another couple of hours and had another…

Opened the windows again

It is after 11 am in already and its 60 degrees out already.  Its still a bit cool or chilly but I am under the blankets.  I will keep them opened for a few more hours or until the rain moves in as I heard we are supposed to get it by tomorrow morning.

Yesterday was pretty busy and of course fun with some bitter sweetness to it.  I managed to get to the banks and do the business at hand at a decent time and then I relaxed for a bit before going to Mama’s and Dad’s for the Mexican Train.

Everyone started arriving after I did and we did have a late start because one couple lost track of time.  We ordered our lunch from Alpha’s over on Naugatuck Avenue through the delivery service in town.  As usual the restaurant had gotten something wrong and put a damper on the food enjoyment.  It was fairly expensive (my lucy burger came to $14).  It wasn’t that good two flat hamburgers pressed together with stuff in the middle. The price included Onion rings, and fries.  I got the fries for Papa and…

Saturday Doings

It was a beautiful morning.  I decided to turn the heat down to 60 and open a few windows today as it got to be 60 degrees today.  Now its a little more cooler.

This morning I had  more banking in my goal for the budget revision.  It didn't take long.  I spent several hours with Liz last night setting up the accounts in my bank for direct pay.  We discovered that we can’t transfer balances from one chase account to another so we had to find another card to transfer balance and we found one (AMEX).  Chase should have indicated that bit of info as we were setting up the transfer last week.  I only found out yesterday when they sent a letter of confirmation of the one transfer they were able to do.  Liz and I will probably get together again and add the additional direct pays sometime next week.

This afternoon I had a mid day Mexican Train game at Mama Roberta and Papa Mike’s before they take off for North Carolina tomorrow.  It was  at 1 pm and it was  fun but a little sad as it mig…

Midweek Reflection

This past weekend and earlier this week was time for personal budget re-evaluation and making changes.  It is a work in process and still a lot more to do.  As of right today my sister and I are meeting over the weekend to continue the process.

As I mentioned earlier this week the volume of mail is much higher than it used to be but we are getting a handle on it.  A lot of it is junk mail that I can now shred or toss as most of the said mail can be emailed, or online.  They are conferences, conventions, and stuff like that.  The rest of the stuff is our daily work, or stuff that needs to get signatures or personal stuff for the doctors.

This afternoon is a membership meeting (I think the first one of the year) and probably updates on area meetings, negotiations for the upcoming contract.  There is a rally after the meeting and that may be a long one at that.

I am tired

It seems like I have had a busy and long day.  The first thing I left here around 7:30 (I should know better) I had traffic jam on the highway all the way into New Haven.  I did manage to get to the office a little after 8.  I called both BB and LC to let them know I would be late.  I couldn't make my mind up to what alternate route I could have taken that would have gotten to work.  I decided to stay on the HW.

My day at work was hectic.  We got more mail and I was unsure for myself as to what to do with it (mostly magazines for the docs).  There was some stuff for us. So from now on I have to go through it all and pull the stuff we work on (attorney mail, reports, documents for the doctors to sign).  I wasn't even able to finish the work I was doing.  I really thought we would get it every other day but it seems like we are getting it every day.  Now that I got the final word from my ADMIN I feel much better about it.

I talked with Liz today after I found a deposit that I go…

Monday Musings

When I got up this morning and did a few things (including lying down again) I felt like I should be doing more as I got ready for work and I was ready to leave the house early.  Some how I still ended up leaving by 7:25.  I spent it with the kitties and online.  I even put clothes already folded back in the dryer so that livia wouldn't put them back in th laundry basket.   Of course they were folded when I finished eating dinner.  I did fold some more clothes and left them downstairs and I have already put the sheets from the bed in and they are drying.  Those I can bring up tomorrow while I am getting ready for work.

Work was  hectic today.  I had gotten a lot of the mail that we started getting last week.  Some if it was ours and some not so it seemed to be a heavy mail day and I think its going to be like that for ever now. There was a power outage on the central campus.  We had gotten phone and email alerts just before 11 informing of us the problem and how long and who would …

A Fairly Quiet Sunday

I was awoken very early this morning and tried to stay in bed and was able to stay in bed until 6:30.  I fed the cats and had some hot chocolate and watched TV and then eventually the LOTR trilogy.  That was fun as MS Tiger sat on my lap for a good long time.  I am not so sure where they are at the moment but I am guessing on the bed upstairs sleeping. They probably will be up there until I get back from the afternoon.

I won't get to see LIz or Nelson today as they should be on their way to Old Saybrook for the CPTV Series Finale party for Dowton Abbey.  They will be getting dressed up and enjoying the meals and era and the last episode.  I just sent a text to them and they are half way there now.  They are Stopping at some Cheese Cafe place to have lunch.  Never heard of it but I would love to go.  Liz says she made reservations at a hotel down the street from the event so that they don't get so over tired and stuff like that.

I am stopping by Mama Roberta's after shopping …

Saturday Doings

Man I am so tired.  I was up fairly early to feed the cats and then went back to bed for a couple of hours as I was still tired from spending most of last night working out a better budget with my sister.  We did manage the whole balance transfer that I have done once before.

This morning I cancelled or should say tried to cancel my feedspot  Gold membership subscription but instead got it for free.  They apparently get to pay a reversal fee when someone cancels. As long as it doesn' t show up on my card I don't care.  I am trying make other payment arrangements for my PO Box but can do that during the week.  After that was done I had to go to the banks and get ready for this

I got my hair permed and it took about two hours and I love it.  i have been wanting to do this for while now.  Even though the hair was short the perm will grow into the hair and it will look different.

When I got home didn't do very much.  I had a late lunch and then napped and then watched TV for a w…

Did you ever notice?

That when ever you take time off from work you think you will have lots of time to do what you need and perhaps get lots done that it ends up not necessarily being the case?  Case in point yesterday I had to run some errands and I had to leave work early.  I stopped at the banks I needed to go to and then I got home for a quick bite to eat.  After I ate and spent time with Sky I headed to the insurance agency and paid the house insurance.  We chatted while he got access to the website.  It was really great. 

After that was done I called my sister to let her know that the house insurance was paid for another year.  She was glad but still has doubts about the information he gave me about getting insurance now.  The Agent says that once the house is in my name then he will cancel the current policy and find me a new one in my name.  Liz is still going to get her friend to look into it as well.

When I got home for the final time for the day it was after 4.  I watched TV while the cats sl…