A Good Night to curl up

It was still raining when I left work last night and it so when I got home I got some tea and watched TV and then cooked a steak and broccoli florets ate that for dinner.  I folded some clothes and took the garbage out.
I was trying to do some work on the PC (printing) and in the middle of it the computer rebooted.  I was waiting a long time to print one intro letter out and I don’t think it ever did.  IF the cats don’t object I am going to check it before getting ready for work.
The rest of the night I curled up with the laptop and surfed the net and did a puzzle or two and watched TV until I fell asleep.
I think I fell asleep sometime during the news and I didn’t wake up again until 1 after some really frightening dreams.  The house was being invaded and I was trying to contact my sister and to call 911 and to protect the cats.  I the feeling I had this dream once before and perhaps in the same night.  I eventually went back to sleep again for another couple of hours and had another dream and the woke up again finally at 5:30.