Did you ever notice?

That when ever you take time off from work you think you will have lots of time to do what you need and perhaps get lots done that it ends up not necessarily being the case?  Case in point yesterday I had to run some errands and I had to leave work early.  I stopped at the banks I needed to go to and then I got home for a quick bite to eat.  After I ate and spent time with Sky I headed to the insurance agency and paid the house insurance.  We chatted while he got access to the website.  It was really great. 

After that was done I called my sister to let her know that the house insurance was paid for another year.  She was glad but still has doubts about the information he gave me about getting insurance now.  The Agent says that once the house is in my name then he will cancel the current policy and find me a new one in my name.  Liz is still going to get her friend to look into it as well.

When I got home for the final time for the day it was after 4.  I watched TV while the cats slept and then I got dinner and they finally came down after I looked in on them.

Dr. T sent out an email blast letting people know that one of the girls is in the hospital and had a set back and wanted all of us to send cards or visit her (I am guessing).  I had sent a prayer request to one of the pen pal groups that does prayer requests and many responded.  I will get a card soon just don't know when  yet.

Chairman Phil sent out an email blast about the 4th District meeting for this month and it will be on a Friday I think but it will be a week earlier than normal (our meeting would be landing on Good Friday)  Location has not been decided-yet.

The weather has been great.  Somewhat chilly but spring-like at times.  The rest of the week will have some rain and snow.  Temperatures are supposed to drop by Thursday I think.

Now its time for me to get ready for work.