Done for the week

Well I can say with confidence I got a lot off my desk and delivered before I left for my very long weekend.  I don't have to worry about anything until Tuesday morning 8 pm.  Whoohoo.  I am also not the only one.  siduri* also took a long weekend and it feels like we are mirroring each other. ;)  it is really funny.  Well I find it amusing.

I got home at a decent hour and the kitties were waiting for me at the window where I left them this morning.  Sigh love it.  They ambled around while I relaxed and watched NCIS for a while and then I noticed they were playing with a big ol carpenter ant.  They eventually disapeared to the four corners of the house (the bed basically).  They did go into the cellar at one point and when I called they came up at different times but I was very impressed they listened. Now they are cuddled up at the foot of the bed leaning on each other.

I am so excited and happy to find out that hawk_soaring has decided to get a new furbaby and her name now is Penelope.  She is fairly new to this world and lives in Florida and will be coming home sometime in may or June when her Daughter and boyfriend drive down and get it for her. :)

Like I said we have carpenter ants.  I stomped on one and then notice another one on the stove.  I grabbed the Ant spray and nearly hosed down the stovetop.  As soon as it suffocated I cleaned it up and used some cleaning solution.  i was a little apprehensive about using the stove with that crap on it so when it came time to eat dinner I had a frozen meal.  Anyway, there were only two but if it gets anywarmer there may be more.

i did some laundry and still have more to put through.  I can do that tomorrow while i am getting the tire fixed at Townfair tire.  i managed to cancel the Firestone appointment for this but its just an hour later.  During that time I will be with Liz doing the final clean up of the budget and move on I hope.

Liz is going to see Lawyer Bob and see if he can get a better deal on the house insurance (I don't think so but Oh well).  While I am with her I will get my glasses repaired (They need to be straightened out).

The weather got beautiful.  it was probably 60 or 70 today.  It is supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow and raining on Friday.  Its going to be beautiful for the Easter weekend.


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