Happy First Day of Spring

It is the first day of spring and the sun was shining but now is getting overcast .  It looks like snow may be coming in this evening. This will allow me to go and do the bingo and back before it starts.  I am not sure what it will be like in the morning.  If it is safe obviously will be going to work.

The St Patrick's Dinner last night was great.  My Niece Cheryl and her husband joined us and obviously it was corned beef and cabbage and really huge vegetables I suspect were grown by MiracleGrow.  They had cake for dessert.  There were raffles and music and dancing by the Mulkin Dance troup.  My neighbors daughters are usually with them but they were working.  We were home by 8.

I got my pedometer for the walking challenge as well. I have been wearing it already and I had almost 800 plus steps yesterday from 4 pm on.  As of right now 582 steps.  I am not sure if I am supposed to record them or not yet but I will for my own purpose in my health blog.

I had gotten a video message from livia but I didn't get it until this morning so I texted her. She probably in all likilyhood wants to come on Tuesday if the weather is bad.  I don't mind.  LIke I said earlier not sure how bad its supposed to be tomorrow and I would really feel terrible if anything happened to her.