Lots of movies and shows

There are at least a billion movies and shows on tonight and none of them are holding my interest tonight.  If I wanted to I could see the movies and shows in the higher cable numbers that I wouldn't normally see.  Some of them are movies I haven't seen in years.  Some Thursdays are like that for me when my really favorite shows are not on.  Actually even when they are I don't always want to see them.  So I will surf the net, chase the kitties from whatever they are climbing on, and listen to the music that's playing on the radio (Classical).

It looks like I will be able to close out the WB checking account on Monday and transferring what's left to the Credit Union.  Don't to be too excited its not much.  The one check I was waiting on was cashed this weekend. 

So I am happy to report things are all set with the budget and I am now waiting on  the new check order that will be coming in about two weeks.  I am feeling pretty confident that things are going to be okay. 

In the mean time I am starting to get tired and will go to bed for now...