Midweek Reflection

This past weekend and earlier this week was time for personal budget re-evaluation and making changes.  It is a work in process and still a lot more to do.  As of right today my sister and I are meeting over the weekend to continue the process.

As I mentioned earlier this week the volume of mail is much higher than it used to be but we are getting a handle on it.  A lot of it is junk mail that I can now shred or toss as most of the said mail can be emailed, or online.  They are conferences, conventions, and stuff like that.  The rest of the stuff is our daily work, or stuff that needs to get signatures or personal stuff for the doctors.

This afternoon is a membership meeting (I think the first one of the year) and probably updates on area meetings, negotiations for the upcoming contract.  There is a rally after the meeting and that may be a long one at that.