Monday Musings

When I got up this morning and did a few things (including lying down again) I felt like I should be doing more as I got ready for work and I was ready to leave the house early.  Some how I still ended up leaving by 7:25.  I spent it with the kitties and online.  I even put clothes already folded back in the dryer so that livia wouldn't put them back in th laundry basket.   Of course they were folded when I finished eating dinner.  I did fold some more clothes and left them downstairs and I have already put the sheets from the bed in and they are drying.  Those I can bring up tomorrow while I am getting ready for work.

Work was  hectic today.  I had gotten a lot of the mail that we started getting last week.  Some if it was ours and some not so it seemed to be a heavy mail day and I think its going to be like that for ever now. There was a power outage on the central campus.  We had gotten phone and email alerts just before 11 informing of us the problem and how long and who would be affected.   I got a lot of positive compliments on the new doo.  No word on when we are supposed to move or the location yet.  It probably won't come until closer to the deadline.  I am hoping I won't have a lot to move with me.  I was able to set up the direct deposit for the credit union but needed a little help with it

Once again Livi did an awesome job on the house.  Everything looks great and has given me renewed goals to keep it up and that's what I am doing.  Cleaned out the sink from dinner, wiped up the grease from my steak dinner and vegetables that was on the coffee table.  straightened here and there.  She had to come in the afternoon this time and that was fine by me.

The weather was really nice still a little chilly but much better than last week.  It is supposed to get to the 70's by midweek but I was just looking at the weather service site and along with the 70 degree temperatures its going to be a mixed bag of showers, fog, and some sun.

I talked with Liz via text today.  She and Nelson were home mid morning and she had a great time but came home with bronchitis.  We talked about the bills that needed to be paid for this week.  So we agreed to get them done and I did those tonight.  She slept for most of the afternoon again too.

The kitties were really funny tonight.  They were both waiting for me at the window in the livingroom.  i had come home a little late because I got more food for them.  Tiger sat on the couch and I spent time with her while Sky walked about the house.  He eventually went downstairs a few times.  Earlier they both stayed with me while I paid bills and watched TV.  They followed me downstairs when I was checking the laundry.  Now they are both at my feet.


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