Monday Musings

After a beautiful weekend of sunshine and cool temperatures we finally got the rain this morning.  It seemed very heavy this morning but not so much now.  At first I wasn’t sure how long but it looks like it will be raining for most of the day.

Yesterday was great.  I got to Liz’s just before we were to meet and she had a gift for me.  It was a ceramic rabbit that looked like the wild rabbits I find in my yard and that provided Mom with hours of entertainment before she died.  Unfortunately as I was taking it to the car it fell on the floor breaking its ears.  Now in every way Mom is watching over me (Mom very deaf when she died).

We were sort of late for the dinner but they were eating appetizers like cheese and crackers and shrimp and antipasto and other things such as that.  The main meal was a variety of pork and ham, pasta, sausage and rice and beans. Potatoes au gratin and salad and some really great desserts.

There were only two things that I didn’t enjoy and that was being told to stay in the moment and that I don’t have to talk. Both comments were made by who else?  Liz. I can’t share memories?  What am I a child?  I can be seen not heard?  I haven’t said anything.

We got home by 5 and by then my knee had been killing me   I spent the rest of the evening watching TV and eventually got ready for bed.

Today I was supposed to be doing taxes but I am not doing so well maybe I need to do it via the lap top because it sure isn’t working on the pc.

I sent a message to Telka to yesterday about the dinner arrangements I told her to plan for what ever day and I will play by ear.  I just don’ t know if Thursday or Friday will be all that good.

I am going to go to the Credit union and do some banking.  I want to put some in the savings account.