Opened the windows again

It is after 11 am in already and its 60 degrees out already.  Its still a bit cool or chilly but I am under the blankets.  I will keep them opened for a few more hours or until the rain moves in as I heard we are supposed to get it by tomorrow morning.

Yesterday was pretty busy and of course fun with some bitter sweetness to it.  I managed to get to the banks and do the business at hand at a decent time and then I relaxed for a bit before going to Mama’s and Dad’s for the Mexican Train.

Everyone started arriving after I did and we did have a late start because one couple lost track of time.  We ordered our lunch from Alpha’s over on Naugatuck Avenue through the delivery service in town.  As usual the restaurant had gotten something wrong and put a damper on the food enjoyment.  It was fairly expensive (my lucy burger came to $14).  It wasn’t that good two flat hamburgers pressed together with stuff in the middle. The price included Onion rings, and fries.  I got the fries for Papa and the onion rings for me.  They were not crunchy. Then again my tooth was hurting so that may have been a good thing.  I did get to take home the pizza they made wrong for  Stan and Debbie.

The reason it was a bitter sweet evening is this will in all likelihood be the last Mexican train for us.  Between the holidays, Debbie and Stan’s wedding and eventual move to Florida, and Mama and Papa’s eventual move to North Carolina in may and every one else’s schedule it will be hard.  I know that Mama had said perhaps we may have one before leaving but I will be pleasantly surprised if that happened.

I couldn’t help crying as I said goodbye to Roberta and of course I cried on the way home and while I was watching TV last night.  I think the cats were wondering what was wrong.  It stopped after a while.

There was a scary afternoon yesterday.  Many people across the state (I am guessing) got their very first amber alert via text and email.  I had gotten one and posted about it on Facebook I had gotten a few replies from neighbor Kim and some classmates and schoolteachers I knew.  I later found out from Siduri that she also got one.  From the discussions I had we didn’t sign up for it but its a good thing.  Thankfully the boy was returned to his mother after the kids father  took him from the kids home in Trumbull.

Even though I had a lot of caffeine (between soda and coffee) I still went to bed early trying to get prepared for the time change.  I don’t think I went to sleep until well after midnight.  I did stay in bed until 6 thanks to Sky clock.  After I fed the cats I went back to bed on the couch for a couple of hours and in about 15 minutes will be getting ready for bingo.