Road Block

Well I knew it.  I knew i would run into some sort of problem.  First none of the online tax sites are worth it. Their reviews were less than stellar and you still had to download programs and pay for something.  So I started to down load the H&R Block program and go to pay for it and their server isn't working.  Whoohoo. So I went on to the next mini project.

I finally downloaded the 400 plus pictures from my phone to the PC.  I had the wizard help and it didn't take long.  Now all that I have to do is organize them and might have to delete a few.  Of course the pictures on the phone need to be deleted and this part takes time.  I do a few at time.

Liz was impressed when I told her about the picture adventure.  She of course tells me she had more pictures on her phone than I did.  I guess my phone can hold only so much.  I did ask her what she was wearing tomorrow but she didn't tell me-yet.  Oh my sister and Nelson are now famous.  In an edition of Connecticut Magazine, they did an article on the CPTV sponsor farewell for Dowton Abbey.  i can't find it online so my sister is hopefully going to get me one.

I have finally decided to volunteer for the state convention for the DTC-CT in May 7th. I don't know if I have to go up a day earlier or what it will entail.  I have sent an email to chairman Phil and asked him.