Saturday Doings

Man I am so tired.  I was up fairly early to feed the cats and then went back to bed for a couple of hours as I was still tired from spending most of last night working out a better budget with my sister.  We did manage the whole balance transfer that I have done once before.

This morning I cancelled or should say tried to cancel my feedspot  Gold membership subscription but instead got it for free.  They apparently get to pay a reversal fee when someone cancels. As long as it doesn' t show up on my card I don't care.  I am trying make other payment arrangements for my PO Box but can do that during the week.  After that was done I had to go to the banks and get ready for this

I got my hair permed and it took about two hours and I love it.  i have been wanting to do this for while now.  Even though the hair was short the perm will grow into the hair and it will look different.

When I got home didn't do very much.  I had a late lunch and then napped and then watched TV for a while and then did some straightening and laundry.

Some of the things I watched were the Hercules show, the Hobbit prequels my understanding is the LOTR trilogy starts at 11.

Tomorrow I need to do a little grocery shopping and volunteering tomorrow.