Saturday Doings

It was a beautiful morning.  I decided to turn the heat down to 60 and open a few windows today as it got to be 60 degrees today.  Now its a little more cooler.

This morning I had  more banking in my goal for the budget revision.  It didn't take long.  I spent several hours with Liz last night setting up the accounts in my bank for direct pay.  We discovered that we can’t transfer balances from one chase account to another so we had to find another card to transfer balance and we found one (AMEX).  Chase should have indicated that bit of info as we were setting up the transfer last week.  I only found out yesterday when they sent a letter of confirmation of the one transfer they were able to do.  Liz and I will probably get together again and add the additional direct pays sometime next week.

This afternoon I had a mid day Mexican Train game at Mama Roberta and Papa Mike’s before they take off for North Carolina tomorrow.  It was  at 1 pm and it was  fun but a little sad as it might be the last one we get together for.  Between Mama and Papa moving to NC in May and Stan and Debbie getting ready for their wedding a month from now plus their plans to move to Florida.  We had dinner from Alpha's and it wasn't all that impressed with it. We were finished by 7 and I was home a short time later.

Since I was home I straightened up a bit and then went to bed.  I was tired and so the kitties came a laid on the bed with me and then took off for a short time and then came back to bed an hour ago.  I haven't been really feeling good so I am going to bed.