Saturday Doings

It is a beautiful sunny  day and it will be like that just for today as there is a storm coming in by tomorrow afternoon into Monday morning.  The snow amounts all depend on where you live (as usual) but if it is a really messy either Sunday or Monday I won’t be going anywhere.
I need to do some errands before noon and in the afternoon get ready for the St Patrick’s Dinner at church tonight.  I am going with my sister and brother in law.  It should be fun and I am going to wear  a nice dress.  I was going to wear one particular dress and it looks it won’t be appropriate for now.  The dress I am probably going to be wearing is the same one I wore in October for the christening of my great niece Madison.

I finished the minutes from last night’s 4th District and there were a lot of people there.  People I didn’t expect and those who I was expecting didn’t come.  We have a project to do and many may not appreciate this but we are trying to get those who are newly registered Democrats to come and join the DTC.  It is to get people elected to office.   There are already some volunteers and hopefully we will get many responses.  Letters were sent out to the potential members earlier and these will be follow up calls.  We also got convention dates for state, and local campaigns and I heard where the Democratic National convention is being held and when.    I don’t think I could go as we would have to pay for it (in some states the State Democratic party pays for the delegates).

Work is going well.  The whole mess with the mail thing has been resolved.  All the excessive junk mail we don’t handle (or shouldn’t) went back and will be done by the right person.  If I am understanding that part is out of our hands and we will deal with only the billing part.
We did get an update on a student who had meningitis last autumn and it looks like she has had a relapse of some sort. she has been hospitalized in another state and on the way to recovery.

Yale Men’s Basketball Team made it to the NCAA and apparently is doing well.  It has been decades since they actually made it to the tournament.  They are also joined by UConn.  Now if you know the history of Yale sports you know they are not that great so this is a good thing.
the contract negotiations have been a little quiet but that’s to be expected I guess.  Although I thought I heard some people talking about it and I feel everyone should know what’s going on if anything.  At least some updates.  I guess they don’t feel its that important yet.

There seems to be some community Outreach going on as well as some of my co-workers have spoken at meetings about the fights they had to wage to protect their jobs.  One woman wrote a letter to the Editor to share her experience on thejob this past week and many thought it was good.

The latest step to the straightening up my budget came this week in the new credit card I will be doing the transfer to.  I am waiting to work on it with Liz.  We talked about what the next steps are to paying off the large bills.

I got a call from the check ordering place and they need more information (they don’t like my credit union routing numbers apparently).  That’s why I have to go to the credit union today to get the information again along with getting the paycheck deposited
I heard from Mama R earlier this week.  She wanted to know what the weather was like and so they have cut their trip a little shorter and will be coming home sometime tonight.  They were planning on coming home Sunday.

I finally got the intro to T Barnes in Virginia printed out.  I just ended up turning the computer off and restarting it the whole thing and it printed the one page I was waiting on.
and finally:

This was the view I had from my session with Debra on Thursday.