Some sad Moments today

I called Mama Roberta today to check in with her as I hadn't heard from her via text or phone calls and that's because everything is moving very fast.  When Dr. T had written about the Dinner and she even said the date it didn't register with me.  I figured it was just a deadline.  Well as I was talking with Roberta about everything she was doing I asked her if that was the actual day she was moving and she confirmed it.  I was in the grocery store aisle and began to cry.  I cried some more when I called Liz to tell her.

When I got home I found out that my friend Mardi lost her Father this morning.  She sounds heartbroken.  She didn't have a good feeling about it yesterday when she posted she was heading home.

The afternoon I made lunch, and some calls regarding the lawn.  I have been some what  successful.  The scrambled eggs were already but the eggs themselves were questionable.  I am still standing and breathing so it must not have been that bad.

Bob the lawn guy will be here some time next week.  He is going to do the general cleanup, reseeding of the patch of yard out front and trim back the large tree in the corner of the yard that blocks out the sun to the grass. 

I have found where the carpenter ants are coming from.  After opening the windows today I noticed two ants on the floor.  I haven't seen any since then but it looks good for now.  The house is rather cold but it needed airing out.


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