Enough Cold weather!

Man it was cold for the last two days.  Icy as well.  I am like everyone else I want it to be warmer than what it is now.  At least the sun is out.  I do have to admit the ice on the trees and bushes reminded me of some story or movie that talks about an Ice world.  In other words it was pretty.

Work went well busy with mail, some readdress mail, and did some more refund checks.  There is going to be a slight change in mail direction for the NEMG correspondence.  It is in the process of being hammered out now.  The is a collection going around for a team lead as she lost her father earlier this week.  We have until Friday to contribute or donate. 

More discussion on this whole getting Yale to pay taxes continues.  It was in several different publications and it was being joked about by my co-workers.  I have yet to read the publications but from the headlines themselves it sounds like that they don't believe it will ever happen.  It also looks like the CT Governor isn't going to be encouraging it to happen.  Some believe the move (although there hasn't been any indication they are considering it) could happen if the opportunity rises.

Liz and I spent more time on the finances yesterday.  We seemed to be off by $150 and figured we added it twice.  Now its fine.  The new register is working out fine.  We also checked out fares for traveling to North Carolina.  Still not sure if I will fly or take the train.  Either way it will be a long trip.

I decided yesterday that I would go down and visit Mama Roberta and Papa Michael the end of June and during the 4th of July Holiday.  Liz cautioned me it will be during a holiday and we need to be careful about prices, and my limitations.

I didn't do too much last night as I was very exhausted from the day.  I hadn't gone to bed until 1 am Monday.  I made up for it Tuesday by going to bed fairly early.  Tonight will not be the same way.  Considering I am writing this 40 minutes before midnight.  I wanted to stay up long enough to get the taxes done and revise some papers I was working on.

I did my taxes tonight.  I did it through the Turbo Tax app on the Credit Union and despite popular belief it isn't necessarily free.  They do only so much and then tell you that you will have to pay for additional steps.  It took me nearly an hour and half and still had a few glitches.  I have to submit the State refund via mail because they will not fix a date on the form.  I don't know why this particular date is giving them a problem.  I can still print it out and access it until a certain date.  The federal refund has been accepted.

Livia came today and did another awesome job.  Unfortunately it didn't take long for me to make a mess in the kitchen.  I did some cooking.

Well it is time for me to get on the CPAP.