Going to bed now

I came home to a clean home (save for the creepy crawly ants-again) and welcoming kitties.  Who were more interested in going into the cellar then being with their Mama.  I will remember this.  Now they are starting to congregate on my bed.

I didn't do very much tonight.  I surfed the net, watched TV,  made dinner late of steak, and put the sheets in the wash and are now finishing up in the dryer.

It was a beautiful afternoon and I kept the heat down to 60 and the windows opened for a bit.  The in-house temperature said 67 and it felt cool to me.  Felt better when I turned it up to 70 and closed the windows.  Now the heat is turned down for the night I expect it to be very cold in the morning.

I was going to tell you my head is better but its not.  Every so often a slight turn or bending over or something pulls it and it hurts.  I really hope it goes away again soon.  It makes it hard to drive and to talk to people.

J stopped his complaining about the length of the awards once I told him we "Might" be able to leave once we are done with presenting but it all depends on when we are listed in the program.  Trust me I don't want to be there anymore than they do but I sure don't want someone else shouldering the responsiblity.

Liz says the guy will be here Thursday morning and Nelson will be here with him.  There shouldn't be a lingering smell for my guests (or I am going to have a lot of explaining to do if these people collapse or something.  She needed the measurements of the couches and stuff.  I have not told M&R about the glitch yet.


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