Gosh What Happened?

When I first wrote this morning’s entry it was last night and scheduled to appear when it did.  Well it didn’t go exactly what was written.

Pea pod came at 7:14 this morning while I was working on the computer and watching TV.  I was finished in 45 minutes of when it arrived.

The rest of the morning I worked on Trish’s letter, had breakfast and then started getting ready for my coffee session with Dave.

I thought we were meeting at the Starbuck’s in Orange and that’s where I went then when I didn’t see him I sent him a message and he was at the one at the mall which I totally forgot about.  So I got there a little after 11 and we spent nearly 3 hours talking.  At times I didn’t think he really listened to me because he would ask questions on things I just told him and to me that’s really frustrating.

Before we left we discussed taking a day trip somewhere with the T&A travel place we used for the Canada trip.  I told him I would take a look myself (just did) and there are some great places but a tad expensive.  I actually am thinking it may have to wait a while.

When I got home I didn’t do much of anything.  I made an early supper of steak.  I watched TV and ended up falling asleep.  I would have loved it if I had someone take a picture of me sleeping on the couch and Tiger was at my feet and Sky was on back rest.  He was there a second time while I was watching TV.

I straighten up downstairs a little not so as you could even tell but I even took out some stuff from the freezer.  I looked on the shelves with all the vases.  I finally had to ask Liz if she needed or wanted them and she vehemently said NO.  Then I suggested a local florist (where we got most of the vases from over the years).  Anyway she suggested I take them to good will.  I just need boxes now.

As I was emptying the garbage I decided to wash out the garbage van.  I rinsed it in the shower.  The shower sprayer is the one that works the best.  Now it’s all cleaned and ready to take on more garbage.

I think I am going to work on the bedroom tomorrow before taking off for bingo and church.  I just couldn’t do it today and even now I am having problems at my waste again.  I need to take some medicine and go to bed.


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