Got some sleep

After Mama and Papa R left I decided to have a late lunch of a steak.  I thought I cooked it in the time required but it was still red in some parts of it.  I am not sure but I think that's why I wasn't feeling well this afternoon (that and eating up the nut mixture I just got this morning) and that led to me having a long nap and missing out on most of the HTLJ and the LOTR trilogy.  My neck has been hurting for at least a day and half now and I suspect its the arthritis.  I will take more Tylenol and the prednisone and head to bed in about an hour.
I had a phone conversation with Liz tonight.  She hadn't asked anyone about helping with the furniture move if I was able to.  I could have sworn she said she would look into it.  However she did manage to get the pest control guy scheduled for Thursday.  The same day I have my 4th District meeting (well its at night).  This should prove interesting.
She did invite me to a church breakfast tomorrow at 9:30.  That will be awesome.  She will be late but Nelson will be there at 9:30.  I see the KC is having their annual Ladies Night on May 20.  I would like to go to that one as well.
I reinforced a well known fact that I am a food a holic.  I just finished off a container of the strawberry whipped cream cheese that I just got and opened up this morning.  That also could be the reason I got to feeling sick. 
Well I need to set up the cpap machine...


I m a food-holic as well, my friend. Yesterday I had enough to kill most people.