I booked my flight

Early this morning I booked my flight to North Carolina and I got a good deal on it (price is probably a better word for it) now all that is left is getting a limo ride up to Hartford.  I just would need someone to drop me off and pick me up from the limo locations.  I am trying to figure out what is the best and cheapest to go.  If I get the limo out of new haven it looks like it will be under $100 round trip if I take it out of Milford it would be $15 to $20 more.  I can make reservations a week before the flight.  When I do I will park the car in the garage and walk over to the hotel near my office.

The kittens were not happy with me this morning.  I lured them in to the upstairs bathroom with food and tried to shut the door before they could get out and nearly clobbered poor Tiger in the head.  I had to get her again and put her in the bathroom.  As I look back not so bad.  Sky on the other hand took me about 20 minutes to get him.  Finally from under the bed I got him (after nearly falling backwards at one point on the stairs.).  My credibility as a Mama Cat is seriously low.

The reason for this endeavor was the exterminator was coming this morning and they had to be out of the way.  At one point I called and he was already done and he did both inside and out and upstairs as well. 
Now all that’s left is getting the furniture picked up from Mama’s and brought to the house. 

Liz is still working on that project as well.  Today though she is preparing for a dinner at her home and she needs to focus on that.  My secret hope is she is able to do it tomorrow if not I am not sure when.

The music world lost another of its members.  Prince was found dead today.  He was 57.   I have heard he had the flu last week and apparently was a lot sicker than he thought.