It is Sunday again.

The kitties hid in the house either sleeping or something.  My brother took in a meeting and then had brunch with another friend of his before leaving for his trip home to Allentown.

My brother told me this morning that he has been on a mission to connect or reconnect with old friends and family members and it worried me a little.  I told him he has had some scary situations that makes people rethink or reevaluate their life (he also says because he is getting old too).  It just gave me a moment to feel sad and scared of losing him.  He tells me I am his rock when he is mine as well. 

The tabby came by again this morning.  This time it was back at back door.  It was there long enough to get this. 

Even Jim got to see it as well.  Of course when I got home from my afternoon of activities I had been half looking for it to come to the front and or back door looking for the kitties but so far nothing.  I am hoping it has gone back to its forever home.

I got a call from a fellow DTC member today.  I was surprised thinking she was calling to ask if I was going to attend a meeting or she needed a ride to the upcoming conventions no it was about something totally off the wall.

Ann called me to read me the riot act because I used pesticides on my lawn.  She said she was going to give me “what for” and I just said to her “no you’re not”.  She was asking me questions about where it was used and why it was used and it wouldn’t be good for me.  I explained to her that I have carpenter ants and that it was only used at the foundation.  When I told each of my siblings they each said basically not her business. 

After Jim left I headed to the Nursing home.  I had stopped at Dunkin Donuts for iced coffee and it was refreshing.  I made it on time to the nursing home for bingo.  Marie was there as well.

We had a good session although there was a guest who was a bit of snob and insisting we should do a full card.  I spoke up and explained why we don’t do those and what ones we do.  I get real tired of people doing this.  I really don’t want to get into a debate but really most of these people (the residents) couldn’t keep track of what they do anyhow.  After bingo I headed to my Sister and BIL’s for a quick visit.

They had an ad for a storm door like theirs at Home Depot and I needed to drop off a check for the truck rental on Friday.  Liz was still at the theater so I couldn’t show her the pictures and stuff.

I went to church and then headed to Home Depot and talked with the guy in the doors section.  He didn’t place the order yet but this is what it will look like.  I will have a great price for it.  They will either call me or schedule it and I won’t need to be there as long as they have access to it.  I had a fun conversation with the guy he is from Sweden Finnish and where he lives and so forth and we talked about construction it was quite interesting. I called Liz once we arranged ordering and a site visit to measure it. Once that was done I stopped at 5 guys for dinner. 

After that I went to the pet store and picked up the spray that Liz suggested I get to prevent the babies from destroying the furniture.  I tried it on the furniture when I got home.  They seem to avoid scratching it but jump up on the furniture with no problem.

I finally got the dishwasher emptied and the clothes folded and did some more laundry.  I watched the news and now I am going to get to bed.  It will be a long day for me again.

The USPS sent back my payment for the mailbox because they didn’t know what it was for.  So I called them yesterday and told them about it. They said I could stop by tomorrow and give it to them.

For now though I need to get to bed.