Monday Musings

It is a bit of shower day.  It wasn't too cold that I needed the heavy coat but it was chilly enough that you needed something.  It was much nicer when I left and when I got home I opened some windows.  The rain started around 6 and hasn't stopped.

I was so proud that I was all ready for work by 7.  I got up my regular time and did the my shtick.  Once the cats were fed and watered I laid down until 6:30.  It took me 7 minutes to do a shower and dress.  I sat with the kitties for a bit and the TV and then got my things together and went out the door.  I didn't realize until I was getting out of the car I had forgotten my book bag with the appointment book and check register in it. Luckily I have no checks to write out.

Work was kind of low key.  I spent most of the morning doing the refund checks.  Sometimes i think Monday's are low key and then now and then its Boom heavy volume.  My Guardian Angel was out today so I had to make the rounds to finance and get the mail from the lobby.  Once I finished the mail went back to the Refund checks.

We had gotten an email blast from the head admin of the Med school about budgetary cuts and that sent a panic through the office.  We see it for what it is and we were given hand outs shortly by the stewards to calm and to inform everyone.

I have been checking the status of the My Tax refund and the federal was excepted and I may have told you they were having an issue with a date so I mailed my State Income Tax. I forgot to do it Wednesday and the mailman never came to my door on Thursday so I mailed on Saturday.  That should come to me in a few weeks.

Going to bed as soon as i can...


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