Saturday Doings

Today is pretty much like it was yesterday messy and raining.  Last night's thunderstorms came through around 8 and were gone in a matter of minutes.  Thats the first time it has happened like that in quite some time.  I thought for sure it would last half the night.  We are supposed to get much colder and snowier.

This morning I did some banking and shopping.  I got the ledger I was looking at yesterday and should be useful to keep better records.  The coin wrappers will come in handy when I wrap the rest of the coins in the coin jar.  I went grocery shopping and had to enroll to use the scanner at Stop and Shop (the hand held scanner).  Once I did that and got on my way it wasn't hard to figure out.  You can't hold the items in your hand to scan you have to have it IN the cart.  I did spend a little more than last week in groceries but I got a few things I didn't have on the original list (like canned fruit) but I did manage to save about $5.00.  I also liked the fact it took me just an hour to do the shopping.

I talked with Liz this morning after she had breakfast with some friends.  We going to go over some things with the computer and some of the bills but we are both busy this afternoon.  Actually today was much better than yesterday morning because she was getting on my nerves yesterday after she was trying to tell me that her friend Andrea got taken from illegitimate "Mystery Shopper".  I understood what she was doing but I was telling her there are more reputible Mystery shopper sites because Mama Roberta does them all the time.  I actually told the story to Mama as well.  Shouldn't have but I won't say anything.  ANyway getting back to the interaction later in the day Liz and I talked about stuff and she in a way apologized for being overbearing if she was.  So everything is back in alignment again.

I have some good news.  When Mama Roberta came to pick me up she was able to see the babies.  They were sitting at the top of the store before they took off for the bedroom.  This is the first time she actually got to see Tiger for any length of time.    We had to laugh when they took off for upstairs.

The fashion show at Carriage Green went very well except for the fact that several girls didn't come as promised and two of the girls didn't do a damn thing.  i made sure Telka knew.  The residents had fun and we will be doing it again if the club is still in existence then.  WE were home by 3 (we took 2 of the girls to Target for a project they were doing).

The rest of the afternoon and evening I am just relaxing.  I had a late lunch of grilled cheese and fruit cup.  Around 6 I will have a hamburger with cheese.  I would like to get some letters written that are way over due.