Saturday Doings

It was a beautiful morning nothing at all what I was expecting. This turned out to be a good thing because today I met up with  siduri for our Museum adventure.I have been looking forward to this ever since we decided to meet.  As previously arranged we met in front of Pitaziki and then walked up Chapel to check out the various stores that were preparing to open for the day.  Our first stop was at this Bath and Body store (I can't remember the name of it but the sales person who was a lovely young lady gave us a history of the store.  It as one of those Natural stores. We had coffee at Starbucks and waited outside the gallery for awhile until it opened.  We had a great discussions.  I learned a lot about the city.  We also took a walk further down Chapel street and saw some really interesting stores.  I really enjoyed it because it felt like a different world then what I am used to.

The visit to the Art Gallery had many interesting and beautiful exhibits.  I admitted my Art History was very limited but I enjoyed the detail and the efforts to keep these pieces in tact.  i plan on visiting again very soon.  When we were done at the Gallery we had lunch at Zaroka Bar and Restaurant. 

The restaurant was York Street and turns out not that far from my office.  It was buffet style so I was able to try almost everything on the buffet table.  After lunch we headed to Broadway and looked at some wonderful shops there.  We even stopped at the Yale Book store and I was able to pick up the Wedding card and the sympathy cards I needed.  After that we headed back to my car and headed home.

By then there was a definite change in the weather.  It got much colder and the sun was gone.  Happily it didn't snow or rain so it made the ride home easy.  We will be doing this sort of thing again and again.  Thank you Siduri for this great idea and the great time.

When I got home I napped.  Later on in the afternoon I did get things ready for the Wedding and wrapped up the remaining coin.  i spent time watching the TV and I made myself a huge salad with steak in it.

As I said a great day all around.