Saturday Doings

Liz came over and helped with the rearranging and (I think) cleaning of the sofas/couches they picked up yesterday from Mama and Papa. I started to clean them last night with upholstery and rug cleaning stuff but that’s not working just yet. I have been slowly putting the cushions from the old furniture in the garage. Again I started last night but saw the neighbors and chatted with them.   So I tried to vacuum the cushions again. I can’t get to the back of them because it’s hard to move them and I can’t really reach with the attachments. Well I am going to try again soon.
I threw some windows opened last night and some I was surprised that did open. I left them open overnight so the house is pretty cool right now. The smells from the Couches were strong.
I found we have new neighbors in the flipped house. It had happened in the last couple of days. A young couple with a dog. You will never believe this but the young man is a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs minor league team. I found him here.   I told my family about them but they didn’t seem impressed. If you have followed me then you know I am not a sports fan by any stretch of the imagination.
Jim arrived by 12 and we were just finishing up by then and we had lunch and we talked about stuff. Nothing heavy handed really. We talked about family and ideal’s and stuff like that.   After lunch we said good bye to Liz and waited for our cousin to come. They went out for a couple of hours and I didn’t laundry.
When they came back we chatted about of all things Facebook. Then Jim had to meet a friend for dinner and so we said goodbye to Ed and I Have been watching TV, grazing and laundry.
Jim came home around 8:30 and has been reading and catching up on emails and texts and is heading to bed. He will be going to a meeting in the morning and then brunch with another friend and then head home by noon.
For the last two nights a tabby came around the house. Last night it was the back yard and door and they all interacted with hisses and meows. Tonight he returned to the front door looking for my two. I thought they were upstairs under the bed and they were downstairs in the cellar.   The tabby left.
Now that everyone is settled down We will be going to bed soon. The kitties are exploring the new furniture. I am going to put the breathing machine on and head to bed.