Saturday Doings

I can’t believe today is the last day of April and that tomorrow will be May.  This year definitely has flown by. 

In nineteen days Mama and Papa R will be starting a new chapter in their lives as they go to NC.  Mama promised to come up and visit and of course I will be down there in just two months.

This month will see year end activities begin for the woman’s club, the campaign activities gearing up for the DTC, and of course the continuing contract negotiations and activities for the unions and management at the University.

Right now I am waiting for Peapod deliveries to arrive so I can put the groceries away.  I ordered them on Tuesday so I could have them by the weekend.  I didn’t spend as much this time as I did last week but I know of things I already need for the next delivery.

After that I will start working on the bedroom before meeting DO at Starbuck’s for our catch up session. I will work on it when I came home as well.

I am not sure what I will do the rest of the time.


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