A Quiet Sunday Morning-Not

The kitties were running around here and at one point Tiger started hissing at Sky. I think they were pretty hungry because they were also trying to get me up.  When I went to feed them they wouldn’t eat the canned food. They did the same thing yesterday.  Now they are quiet considering I opened the cellar door for them to come and go as they please.

It is gray and cloudy and started raining about an hour ago.  I have a feeling it never rained last night.  So it might be a rainy Sunday today.  That’s okay as I don’t have much to do today.

Oh I talked with Jim via text yesterday and I am a little annoyed.  He can’t make it this Wednesday for the first HS Scholarship presentation because he has to work.  I could have sworn he said he was going to make it for this one and the next one.  Now it’s only the one on June 1st.  Really?  Now Liz is checking her schedule to see if she can make it.  

I got messages from Dr. T about the next meeting.   It will be the final meeting of the year and it will include officer’s election.  I am also one of the hostesses and I won’t be able to be there.

I haven’t moved to get the letters written I am not a very good pen pal these days.  I also don’t like it when one particular pen pal calls us out on our time lines either.  She would write “I haven’t heard from you”.  I find it to highly inappropriate.  Email me that’s what you do or just wait like the rest of the world.

I best get going the laundry needs to move along.