Commencement Weekend

Commencement week has finally arrived and will begin Sunday on the Old Campus with Yale College Class Day.  I always wondered what the difference was between the two activities and now that I know it is basically what high schools have.  All the awards and presentations over the years and to celebrate underclassman.  Well maybe not the exact same way high schools do.  Ambassador Sara Power will be the speaker at Class Day.  In the small blurb in the email we got yesterday she is a Yale Graduate and is a member of President Obama’s cabinet.
After the Commencement Alumni Weekend begins a couple of days after that.  I suspect we will see an increased volume of traffic and people that week not so much during the commencement since it will be closer to the city.  OF course if one tends to go out at lunch time they may get to see some activity but collectively we don’t get much around here.
Yesterday was pretty good.  Mama R came around 8 and stayed until about 9.  She brought stuff she wasn’t bringing down to NC.  It was a bit chilly and cloudy at first and it stayed that way until she left.  The babies didn’t come down or out from under the couch until she left.  Well when she comes back up in August they will get used to her.
Liz came sometime after 9 and we worked on the financial stuff.  We also got more stuff out and she took care of the alarms.  We talked about tonight’s ladies night event and her continuing plans to bring Jason and Audrey up here for vacation.
My new door was installed between 10 and 11 and it looks gorgeous.  The guy was efficient and polite and did the job quickly.
The lawn guy came yesterday and the yard looks much better and we discussed the projects he wants to do and the costs.  I am going to check them out with Liz and see what if any of them will do.  The reseeding is definite. 
I got my hair done yesterday and it looks nice.  I got home by 7:30 and I was so ready to go to bed. 
Tonight is the Ladies Night event and I am looking forward to it.  It should be done by 9 and then I am heading to bed.
Tomorrow my peapod order should be here by 7 and then the rest of the day should be fairly quiet. 
I am going to see when Sir James will be arriving for the awards presentation.  It is not until Thursday but at least the house is in good shape or should be when I arrive.


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