Saturday Doings

What did I do today?  Barely anything.  I woke up really early but didn’t get up until 5:30 and fed the cats.  I took the opportunity to clean out the litterbox in the downstairs bathroom.  I opened the windows well most of the windows. 

I stopped by Neighbor Chris’s house to they had a tag sale going on and I got to see his Mom whom I haven’t seen since her mother died.  She looks so much like Marion did.  I spent a good deal of time there.

WE noticed a frontier man walking through to the yard I went looking into it and found out it was the son of the woman who lived in the refurbished house.  He was there to look at couple of old Telephone poles one is in the corner of the yard.  It’s coming down eventually. It is in a really odd place.  Dan I chatted for a bit and talked about the neighborhood and stuff like that.  He had to go finish work and I chatted with the Chris and Chris again.

Eventually I came back and restacked the bulk trash pile that someone was so kind to go through and pick out stuff.  The toaster oven and one of the mirrors is gone but they threw the cushions on to the ground.  This is one of the things I simply can’t stand about bulk pick up. If you are going through someone’s trash clean up after yourselves!  How would you like it if I did that to you?

The rest of the day I have been vegetating on the bed and or sleeping.  I had gone to bed pretty early last night and only woke up a couple of times during the night.  Especially when Sky decided he wanted to claw my feet.  I literally picked him up and tried waking him up. 

They are both out back.  Tabby came by for a visit.  I know he saw me this time but I just left.  He is gone now.

It has been such a beautiful day but it will start raining soon.  It’s already clouding up. It won’t matter I enjoy rainy Saturday nights.  I can curl up under the covers and attempt some writing and watch TV.  The rest of the weekend will be cloudy.

I will be ordering groceries for Thursday.  I have enough until then and since I will be home for that day it seems reasonable to order then.


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