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Thankful Thursday a couple of days late

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all.

2.            I am thankful for my friends.

3.            I am thankful for my neighbors

4.            I am thankful for my job and co-workers who are my extended family

5.            I am thankful for the Medical profession who are taking care of my health.

6.            I am thankful for the organizations I am a part of that keep me busy.

7.            I am thankful for the weather

8.            I am thankful for my home.

9              I am thankful for my kitties.

My Nephews came over to move my old furniture to the front of the house for the bulk pick up next week.  It was one of my nephew’s first visit since my Mother passed and he felt bad about it.    It was great to see them.  Their Mother called me the next day to see if they came and did it. 

This coming week is going to be tough.  My friends Mike and Roberta will be leaving next Thursday for NC.  I get to see Roberta one more time on Monday for our club’s Creative Writing Presentation and possibly again Thursday.

Dr. T’s husband has offered to get the dent he made in my Car out from last Monday but his schedule is rather busy this week.  I have to check my own schedule as well.

Work has been busy for me and having a short day for the dentist last week made it even busier.   I helped with getting some audit together and it came out okay.  Labor/Contract negotiations continue haven’t heard much update there.  The state bill that we called our reps on didn’t get passed and that was bout the taxes for the University.  There is another EPM coming up soon and we have been asked to have our suggestions and ideas ready for the budget.

As you know I have been taking an extra day or two off around the holidays.  Since I am going to be off the first week of July I decided to not do that that for Memorial Day week.  I don’t have any major plans for that holiday yet anyway.

This past week I have been not feeling all that great either.  I am not sure why I am having some trouble with breathing again.  I can’t begin to count how many time I have had to stop and catch my breath.  It just seems more than usual.  I suspect its because I put on more weight.  I haven’t been using the CPAP machine regularly either.  I do have some Dr. Appointments coming up…heart in June.

As I mentioned the Club had a party for Roberta on Monday and we had a great time.  Lots of food and great conversations well after the meeting/dinner had ended.  We have the writing contest reception on Monday and we will be wrapping up our year activities and beginning our summer activities very soon.

The DTC is getting ready for the conventions in the next few weeks for the upcoming campaigns and elections.  The 4th District is next Friday but I won’t be there.  I have a Knight’s of Columbus ladies night dinner. In a couple of weeks is our Annual Awards Night.  Happily it doesn’t conflict with anything else so I am going to be there from the beginning.   Our summer activities will be the conventions, the Oyster fest and hopefully beginning campaigns. 

The weather this week has been great. Warm temperatures, sunshine completely different than the previous week where I was actually considering building that ark.  Not sure what the rest of the week will bring.

The house seems to be in good shape.  Still waiting on contractor guy to call and start the projects he will be working on.  The new window will be here and installed in a few weeks.  The new storm door will be installed on Thursday morning.  I am taking that day off to be here.  I am waiting for the lawn guy to come and begin this month’s landscaping (the basic stuff) he hasn’t let me know how much the other stuff will be.
The kitties have been pretty good.  One or the other will be waiting for me at one or any of the windows of late waiting for me to come home.  At night I have noticed that Tiger stays downstairs again.  Sky comes up and does his routine of staying on the bed until 4.  They do like to sit on the head cushions of the new furniture and


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