A beautiful Night

It is almost 9:30.  There are fireworks being shot off not far off distance.  Someone has a fire pit going somewhere.  I will be going to bed soon.

I have to admit my plans to go shopping, letter writing, and various other things in preparation for the trip barely came to fruition.  I did fold some laundry, emptied the garbage managed to straighten up the night stand beside my bed.  I still have the bottom part to do.  Updated the pen pal blog and updated the files somewhat.

I had pizza for dinner should have used the pam because I used the broiler for the big oven and the pizza stuck to it.  I got it cleaned off for the most part and put it in the dishwasher for the next round of cleaning. 

The kitties are just hanging out downstairs I guess.  They slept for good part of the afternoon in their normal places.  I wasn’t sure if they both were downstairs in the cellar and so when I closed the door hoping they weren’t down there I turn around and there they were.

Tomorrow I will go to Wal*mart and get the things I need.  I do have some toiletries here for the toiletry bag and need to set up my breathing machine (that I still get reminder calls to put more hours into it)
Then I will do bingo in the afternoon and then get ready for my very short work wee