A Quiet Friday

It is Friday and a quiet one for the most part there are an occasional fun conversation I can hear but my aisle was totally quiet.
I got up at a decent time and fed the babes and did our regular routine.  They made sure to let me know I was  dallying I would hear an occasional meow and that lets me know I am running late of course when I got to leave and can’t find them I tend to get a little nervous. 
I also got a little nervous when I read a repeat article from PETMD about stressed out cats.  They have been vocal, they have peed/pooped outside the box, and they do like to scratch themselves, and they do like to run away a lot.  For each example they had the words “Take them to the vet”. 
Work was slow and then came to crazy afternoon.  There was only one courier doing 4 different runs and so the mail I would get by quarter of 12 didn’t come until maybe 1:30-2.  So I was maniacally trying to get everything ready for the end of the day.
Talked with sis she was busy getting ready for her weekend.  She has a baby shower and a couple of other things tomorrow and Sunday she is recouping from her week with the kids and of course tomorrow.

Tonight is another quiet night.  I will probably go to sleep early.