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Another Saturday

I was up early again thanks to Sky but I hopped back in until 6 and then did our rituals.  I put the sprinkler on for an hour.  I watched the Sunday morning edition of the L& O marathon.  I put some laundry in (trying to make sure there is nothing around) and chatted with neighbor Sean for a bit.  Did some other things including chatting with a cousin-in-law.

I called Jim just before getting ready for Bingo and it seems he was driving some people around the town.  I told him I would call him later on as I didn’t want to bore the passengers.  I was relieved to know he was good.  I tried a couple more times and the second time he didn’t pick and the final one he was driving again.  We talked about the status of the Dog Mauling and my trip.

Did anyone see the video on CNN about the tallest building where you can slide from the 70th floor to the 69th Floor?  My Cousin Joan posted it to FB this weekend and my reply was No way no how would you get me on that thing!  I don’t care how safe it is.  One reason I still have bad case of heights.  Its not as bad as it was but every time I think of that it make my whole body shake.

The drive to bingo was slightly annoying.  Mind you it was after 1:30 and southbound traffic on I-95 was taking forever! I don’t know how far back it went but it was really silly.  I could understand if it was late in the afternoon and it was weekend traffic going home but at 1:30 in the afternoon?  Luckily I made it in good time and started on time. 

Bingo went well.  We had 15 residents playing and almost everyone won.  After bingo fresh fruit was served.  I didn’t get to see Natalie again as she was doing a Mission of mercy.  She was giving a terminal resident one last Sunday afternoon drive at the request of her family.  I think it’s very sweet and sad.

After bingo I headed to Wal*mart and spent about an hour there and about $150 dollars on stuff. Three blouses (two are tees), 1 set of Scrubs (for bed), lingerie, socks, two pairs of denim jeans.  It took about an hour and then I headed to IHOP for dinner. 

It was fairly quiet there and not more than five minutes there I ran into a co-worker and her family.  I nearly tripped and stepped on her husband Jeff’s foot.  Nice way to meet for the first time.  I heard so many wonderful things from Mish about him.  After we chatted about the “dog mauling” I went to my table and began to look the menu over.  I chose The Pineapple Upside down pancakes. It was a large stack as I didn’t want the combo plate.  I did get a side order of hash browns and Tea.  I am not sure what time it was when I got ready to leave but I noticed I left at the same time as Mish and her family.

When I got home Tiger was looking out the window and then took off for parts unknown.  I tried to spend time with her but she ambled off somewhere.  Sky was still upstairs and so I watched TV.  I have a feeling I gave tiger too many treats.  There was pile of goo on the study floor.   Later on Sky decided he wanted to play with my feet by clawing them and biting them.  I had to giggle because it in some ways it hurt and others it tickled.

While I was upstairs I tried the clothes on that I bought and then put them in a pile to put in the suitcase later.  I will print out all the Southwest emails I have gotten over the last few weeks the most recent one today reminding me to check in when I am supposed to and now I am thinking I may have to call the livery service and have them pick me up earlier than 4:30.   My biggest fear is I will miss the check in time via online.

Did I mention it was beautiful today?  Sunny and pleasant and at times breezy.  It was in the 80’s with the fluffiest clouds.  It’s just about mid 70’s now.  I put the ceiling fan on and it’s lovely.  It’s going to be nice tomorrow but raining and thundering midweek but nice for my flight out (fist pump).

Well, I am going to hit the sack.  Livia is coming tomorrow to clean the house so I have to get up and prepare for that.


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