Last Day for me

Today is the last day of work for me.  I am just keeping up with stuff on my desk and I expect a few large volume things coming in.  At the moment I am looking for things that supervisor asked me to look for through some of the batches I did for one particular insurance groups.
Something is wrong with the cable box in the Livingroom the clock said 2:19 and it was literally light out and I really believed it was really 2:19 until my alarm clock on the cell started going off.  All the other cable boxes seem okay.  Man I feel kind of stupid.
Found it hard to work on the checkbook at lunch time people came to my desk for things.  I really couldn’t do it during the afternoon either.  I tried calling Liz to confirm time.  I will just have to do it when I get home and deal with the consequences.
There is a collection going on for JW’s son and I managed to put some money to it.  So many people were shocked and somewhat relieved as she would not have a good quality of life.  The arrangements have not been made public.


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