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Mid Week Reflection

Where is this week going?  Man I have been going nonstop it seems.  I have been too tired to write in the last couple of days.  By the time I get home I do a few things and then sit and watch TV and then get into bed.

The School year has come to a close in town and the Scholarship presentation my brother and did last week was quick and easy.  It was nice to have my brother here for the short visit especially since he was kind enough to dispatch a dead mouse the fur babies brought into my bedroom before leaving for home.

Also the young man who brutally murdered his classmate Maren Sanchez was sentenced to life in Prison this week.  The family is also taking legal action against the Board of Ed for not interceding earlier as they had warned the administration early on that the young man was dangerous.

Work is status quo there have been some interesting news regarding our move to a new location.  It is more of a reality now then say last month.  IT will be two doors down from our current location.  Of course there has to be a huge retro fit and it will take a while.  I was betting we would be in there by Recess 2016 others are not so sure.

Negotiations continue and there has been some progress with that.  I out and out asked one of the stewards and they said they are hoping to get the most recent layoffs rescinded and they seem hopeful.  The other option is to get volunteers that are close to retirement to volunteer to go into the pool and opt out.  As always not sure if I explained it (or understood it) well or not.

This week our co-worker lost her niece and the services are in the next couple of days.  We are making a contribution to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Department in the young girl’s name.  By the time this gets posted I would have been to the wake but not the funeral.

The annual Arts and Ideas festival begins on Friday.  My hope during the next two weeks that I get to see some of it.  Tina* and I were talking about it earlier this week.  I have limited time during the day and some nights it just isn’t feasible.  I also still have to prepare for NC at the end of the month.

I was able to see my great niece and great nephew from SC this week a few times.  I had breakfast with them on Saturday when their Uncle and their father cooked for the immediate family and we had a blast.  My Nephew is a great cook I think.  Of course we also had a birthday cookout on Monday or Tuesday (can’t remember now) for Sis.

I love my new window, and new door and the new landscaper.  It had been a rocky start at first for the very latter but he seems to be making up for it.  I am not sure when he will finish the “big landscaping project” but I hope soon. 

I have contacted Lawyer Bob regarding the inside projects that we had planned and for the contractor to start but I haven’t heard anything yet.

I had some excitement at the Cardiologist last week but he was still concerned about the weight (no kidding!) and the BP.  I have had some aches and pains and just taking the meds for it.  I have the infusion in two weeks.  Not too many Dr Appointments this week but a few next week.

This weekend looks to be quiet again.  This may allow me to catch up on the pen pal letters that I have been procrastinating on lately.  I did finally print up and answered some questions for DM in Bakersfield.  Now I know I have a few more replies for others.


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