mid-week Reflection

Well I am happy to report that my mini self-doubting crisis is over once again.  Yesterday Tiger was very receptive to being paid attention to.  I wasn’t home more than five minutes got down on the floor after chatting with her in the Livingroom window.  She enjoyed her ear being scratched and petted.  She was very appreciative of me this morning.  She meowed a lot when I left.
I had a nice chat with Dr. T yesterday regarding the club and summer activities and of course the dues issues.  Still not fully resolved in my mind but it’s getting there.

Here at the office we discovered in the last couple of days that the Victim of the Pitbull mauling on Monday here in the city happened to be a former co-worker and is really bad off.  You just don’t know what to think.  Pray she doesn’t suffer?  Pray she survives and what?  At this point she is just a shell of what she was.