Monday Musings

It was a beautiful morning and another early morning but I managed to stay in until 5:30. Sky the dutiful alarm clock eventually got the message.  WE did our regular constitution but just slightly different.  I think Tiger got sick again.  Maybe too many treats. 

I talked with Liz this morning.  She refuses to give me a wake-up call for my vacation.  She suggests to use all the alarm clocks in the house or call Jim.  She answered some questions for me that I had over the weekend that included the Taxes question.  She wants to review the books (eek).  We will do that tomorrow. 

I friended a former Teacher from HS on FB today and she sent me the following: “The department of health and human service are helping the youth, retired and also the disable in the society i just benefited from the program also.... I got a sum of $150,000 from them.” This set off the alarm bells for me.  Is this really her? Or did someone hijack her page?  After a few minutes chatting I said basically came across it before not sure I want to participate and thanked her and said lunch over.  She did give me the contact info.  I am not doing it.

I checked in with Dave yesterday.  He is visiting Province town RI this week. He sent me a picture of him and Rose together.  It looks like they are under a red tent.  I will talk with him after my own trip.

Tonight I will be updating the book and writing letters as the house will be cleaned.

Clouds seem to be rolling in already.


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