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Saturday Doings

I WAS dragging my heels yesterday morning.  It was D-Day for me as far as cleaning the litter boxes are concerned.   I showered and got into some cruddy clothes and started to do it.    I did start the upstairs one first but the toilet not cooperating so I did the one in the bathroom downstairs.  I have to admit I thought I left the litterbox upstairs on the edge of the bathtub and all I could think is it must be all over the floor now.  I didn’t so I was quite relieved.  I washed the floor and the matt so I wasn’t worried about the floor upstairs.

Peapod came at quarter of 7.  It’s a damn good thing I was awake.  When he arrived Tiger went immediately for the back of the recliner and underneath it.  I think Sky went upstairs.   This time I didn’t get one thing because it was out of stock.  But I did get the things that didn’t come last time.

The cats started coming out of hiding sometime after 8:30 and sat out back.  I opened the door to the cellar so they can explore for a bit.  They walked around again. At one point I found Sky rolling around in the litterbox just after he used it.  He smelled like the kitty litter and still does.  I was a little apprehensive about  cuddling with him considering he still smelled like it.

I have been sending out e-cards for both Father’s Day to Jim and a birthday card for a friend from the DTC.  I decided that from now on I am going to use this site again for birthdays and holidays and I am also going to do it for the Christmas Holiday.  That way I can save money on stamps and cards.
The afternoon I did some laundry and napped.  Right after lunch of a huge salad with steak I had started feeling weird.  I ended up getting a headache and took some Tylenol and fell asleep for a while.
I felt better by late afternoon and had semi late dinner of grilled cheese and then later on one of the healthy choice steamers. 
I talked with Jim last night about the NCIS season finale.  He has been turned off by this season's episodes like many others and so he asked me about it via text and he couldn't quite get it so I called and told him about it.  WE also talked about the cats.  I told him about the incidents with the upchucking and the pissing the kitties did.  He says like always I should check with the vet and he would have been angry if she (his cat did it).  I shared my feelings with all the PETMD articles that show up consistently on Facebook.  He doesn't always get to see them because he only has messenger again.  He gets tired of silly and offensive stuff that comes through on there.  I do too. 
Last night was The Mummy Movie Night on Syfy Channel.  I watched both for a little while then the news.  I went to bed shortly after that. 


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Ended up

Because I wasn’t feeling well last Thursday night  and the lack of sleep from it I barely did anything Friday.  I did some laundry, cleaned out one of the litter boxes, emptied the dishwasher only to fill it up again. I made myself an early lunch of steak and potato and had yogurt.  I was not anxious to eat too much as my shoulder still hurt. I think the aches and pains are from the amount of cheese I had in the last couple of days.   I fell asleep for the afternoon watching the X Men double feature.   I did fold some of the clothes and sheets and put more laundry in.  You are probably wondering where all these clothes are coming from.  Some of them have been there a few days and needed refreshing. When I didn’t fold the clothes I watched TV.  I actually sat through Hawaii 5-0 haven’t done that in months.  It's a good show.  It has done a few cross overs with the NCIS franchise (mostly the LA show) now there is some discussion prompted by articles that that H50 will do crossovers …

REally Busy

I am so sorry I haven’t finished the weekend entries.  I just was too tired and Monday was busy.  I know I have my Florida adventures to write up but again.  Not enough time or energy lately.  
I am looking forward to next weekend as I am meeting up with Siduri and we are going to spend the day in the city and visit Peabody museum and have lunch.  On sunday is baby Giada’s Christening and I am really looking forward to that.  I haven’t met Giada yet but from the pictures her parents and grandparents post she is beautiful.
WE had some late night rain last night and early morning rain today.  We may have more as the week progresses but that’s okay.  Meteorologist Geoff Fox began his second week at his summer Gig at Channel 8 this week.  His first week went well even with some first time hiccups with the technology.  He is having a blast along with his colleagues and fans.
I received a letter from my pen pal Debi in Tampa and I did manage to read the whole letter in one sitting.  She is kee…


I am very tired right now.  I ended up sleeping on the couch last night when I saw a creepy crawly centipede (long legged type) on the ceiling and my boy trying to attack it.  I don’t know if he ever got it but I did look when I came up to get dress.  I didn’t see it.
I am feeling pleased with myself this morning (toot toot).  I finally made the tomato sauce I have been wanting to make for the past two weeks from All  It wasn’t all that hard to do. I started preparing it around 5 and turn it on as I was leaving.  It should be ready by the time I get home.  I posted about it on FB…My cousin’s Wife Becky liked it.
Work has been good so far busy as usual.  I checked in with LAS and she told me the services for FC are on Thursday I found the obituary but it is completed yet.  I will be taking the morning off and I may come back by lunch time.  It will be in Cheshire.
I found out that starting this week until we are caught up I will be scanning every Thursday and Friday all day.…