The Weekend

I am really looking forward to this weekend again.  It should be fairly quiet for the most part.  I will get my shopping ordered tonight for the weekend and spend the weekend catching up on pen pal letters and laundry.  I do need to do some more clothes shopping but I can do it closer to the time of the trip.
I may have to get a new pair of white pants in the shopping trip.  The pair I got from Macy’s on Memorial Day are currently being soaked/washed for stains I got yesterday.  I was very unaware (until much later) that a pen that was in my book bag was creating havoc on my back side (of my pants).  So it is currently being washed a second time with oxi-clean and tide.  I had it soaking in oxi-clean overnight inside the washing machine and most if not all is out.  At least from what I saw of it. 
I won’t be able to see Sis or BIL as they have a full weekend between the grands, a couple of activities they were invited to in Westport and Norwalk.  They also have some parties to attend and I am pretty sure I won’t see them until at least Tuesday.
I will probably call Jim some point during the weekend.  I don’t think I did last week although that was probably because I just said goodbye to him on the previous Thursday. I had a few text messages from him on Liz’s birthday. 
Tonight will be Boboli Pizza for dinner and then start on the letters.  I think I will have spaghetti on Saturday for dinner and then chicken or what not on Sunday. 
Work was fine…had some slow moments and then picked up by lunchtime and then slowed down by break time. I made sure I found things to do if there wasn’t anything available.
Heard from Dr. T regarding our dues.  There was an issue and they never got the check and looking into it but not before they mentioned that Dr. T hadn’t been to a state meeting.  If that’s one of the reasons why they are not accepting or didn’t cash or do whatever than they should say so.  Then they should step down from the position because not everyone can go to the meetings (but I would)


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