Getting back to Routine

I have been home for two and half days now and it hasn’t taken long to get back to daily routine.  The kitties were really funny when I got home.  As I drove up Sky was in the window looking out and then took off.  They both came down the stairs meowing at me.  So I spent some time with them and they did kind of sniff me and approach me.  After a while Tiger went her way and Sky pretty much followed me around.

I unpacked and hung up my stuff and did some laundry.  Also worked on stuff I left around.  I some cleaning of the boxes, and the hair ball that I am suspecting Tiger left me.  I spent most of it taking it easy.

I had a semi quick visit from Liz.  She was happy to see me and stuff and sort of apologized for being annoying before I left.  She wanted to offer some suggestions about doing the finances.  She suggested maybe if we can’t do it or I continue to have problems doing it may be\getting the lawyer to help.  We also set some boundaries about me calling on a daily basis.  She doesn’t like talking on the phone much so she asked if I had things to discuss write them down and then do it at our phone conversations when she calls.  So I agreed.   After that she checked some of the repairs that Bill Soda did and said she paid the bill.  She left after that and I went back to watching some TV and ordering a pizza for dinner. 

I had a phone session with Debra around 7.  We talked about the trip and my new boundaries with Liz.  She asked me how I felt about it and if I could find other avenues to be personable with.  I told her I was a little hurt but understood and could find other things to do in between. 

Around 9 I went to bed and Sky was a cuddle bug as you can see by my Facebook post that night. 

Saturday didn’t go as I had hoped.  I thought for sure Sky would be cooperative for his Vet appointment but he wasn’t.  I knew I should have put him in the crate as early as nine but felt it would be cruel so I waited until an hour before his appointment.  Now I have new scratches on my chest to prove how wrong I was.  He stayed inside the spring mattress almost entirely the whole time.  I tried to even rip the film that’s left on the spring mattress that allowed him to stay there.  I am hoping they won’t go up there as much anymore.  I have my doubts.  Anyway, I decided to give up and call and reschedule the appointment for him for the 23rd.  Once that was done I was relieved.  They didn’t seem to mind.  A while later he came out from under the bed and seemed fine.  He still hung out with me and above my head anytime I sat on the couch.  Tiger went into her nap mode and I didn’t see her until about 6 that night.

I talked with Jim for a half hour and we talked about cats, the woman’s club future, and other things of that nature.  It was great talking with him and he asked that when I got my hair done later on that day to get a couple of pictures of my new doo.  I did that but haven’t heard from him.

I got my hair done and it looks great.  My next appointment is in August.  She suggested that I get my hair permed again in September in time for the Holidays.  So that’s what I will be doing when the time comes.

I spent the evening watching TV and surfing the net and doing some laundry. 

Today getting into my normal Sunday routine.  Watching TV, sleeping as much as I can and now very shortly getting ready for Bingo with my visit to Liz’s later this afternoon.

It looks like I will have to do the watering this afternoon. 


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