Monday Musings

It was a muggy Monday morning.  IT was cloudy and some rain was predicted for the morning but didn’t see any but there is a thunderstorm predicted for late this afternoon and into the evening.  I am relieved because I won’t have to water the new lawn.

Work has is regular Monday and the beginning of Month End.  We did receive another “rebranding email update” from Dr Taheri.    Others around me are getting concerned more and more every day and I just don’t know what to make of this change and what it means to me personally.  I was bold enough to even ask my Supervisor what he thought and he doesn’t even know what to make of it.  The Luncheon kickoff is tomorrow and the e training is in the weeks ahead.

Got Sky’s fecal test results and he is a healthy feline.  I am very relieved for that.  IT also means the princess is doing well too.  Her yearly physical is in January. I am expecting no cooperation from her when the time comes.  I will do the same thing for her as I did sky (but not leave her in the crate as long). 

 I need to put another fan in the spare room since I moved the other one downstairs.  I checked in the cellar and there is one left.  I will put it in the spare room for Jim and Roberta’s visits.  I am pretty sure Jim is still coming up for the Oyster Fest and I am not exactly sure when Roberta will be coming up.  I do know it will be for two weeks.